Monday, February 21, 2011

Latest Info from LinkFromBlog

It may be sad news for some bloggers who do not sign up and join in LinkFromBlog. Why? As it turns out this time LinkFromBlog only limit to a maximum bonus of 5 blogs to submit LinkFromBlog account. Whereas some time ago while still warm-warm LinkFromBlog as new PTR program we will get a bonus each submit a blog, even if up to 10 blogs, even blogs with a pagerank 0 though. In addition to the maximum limitation of bonuses to submit 5 blogs only, now for the activation process was also asked to use the keyword "blog advertising" or other keywords that they might ask, is no longer haphazardly like some time ago.

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In the past, we can easily perform payout is only by doing as much as possible submit a blog, but now even if we have a lot of blogs will be difficult to perform because of the bonus payout submiit blog is only limited to a maximum of 5 blogs. What more if given the current average value of jobs on offer are very small. The more difficult course to money.

Then with the existence of this restriction is a sign that the promotion of LinkFromBlog already exhausted? I could have a bonus to submit a blog later abolished altogether.

Well for those who do not sign up and have much better blogs quickly deh list, before the bonus actually dispensed.

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